Recruitment Solutions in Finance Industry by GoBuyside

Since the intensive use of the internet in the 1990’s, the employment process has seen a lot of changes. It is now a thing of the past to call a talent recruitment agency to fill in for some advertised positions. Apart from the way recruitment of skills is being done, the career paths are also seeing changes as now they are designed in such a way that they will find a place in this information age. GoBuyside which is a New York-based executive search company to evaluate some of the job trends that are witnessed in the finance industry and is creating a way in the technology-oriented recruitment of talents. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.


The most common trend that is being seen in the finance industry is the transference of positions. The Bureau of Labor reported that in 2015 around 25% of the employed people used the internet to do most of their job assignments at their homes. It is no longer a significant employers concern about the location of an applicant, and this has enabled many employers to expand their hiring search visible area. The selectivity during the hiring process is increasing as the number of those applying for the opportunities grows. GoBuyside is taking advantage of the high number of applicants to ensure that they can hire the most top quality applicants to the firm.


The other problem that has been witnessed in the financial sector is the struggle of top management in finding new talents. As per a survey that was done, it showed that less that only 10% of C-level executives had confidence in the recruitment of investment management talent who have specialized sets of skills. However, the intervention of GoBuyside has been seen as the best solution to this problem. The firm is an industry-specific recruitment agency and assists in eliminating challenges that face investment management recruitments. According to GoBuyside, the challenges that are experienced are due to firms using the general recruiting strategy rather than the industry-specific strategies. Some of the benefits that come with using industry-specific specialists include the reduction of the opportunity cost and increased niche proficiency for business including others. Read more about GoBuyside at