Mighty Fortress Church Continues to Provide Community Support

Having a healthy spiritual side and outlook is very important for many people. For those that are looking to have a stronger spiritual life, having access to an organization that will help to empower it is very important. For those that are in the Minneapolis area, one great option for visiting would be the Mighty Fortress Church. The Mighty Fortress Church is a large church and congregation that meets for services weekly and also provides a lot of good deeds to the community.

While the Mighty Fortress Church does hold traditional meetings and church services on a weekly basis, it also looks for other ways that it can help to benefit its congregation and community. The Mighty Fortress Church is one of the most generous donors in the Minneapolis area of both time and effort and it focuses on a variety of good causes to contribute towards. Visit lifeway.com to know more.

One of the most significant efforts that the church makes is to find ways to better in power and strength in her youth. The organization has a strong focus on helping to connect young adults and children in the area together while also providing them with spiritual support and other services to ensure they are very strong and healthy lives. This includes having regular youth group clubs at the church as well as a number of other events that help to bring people together.

Bishop Williams is very well known for having a very strong voice that helps to motivate and encourage other people in the community. He has been active in the industry for more than 30 years and has had a variety of different roles. While he has a strong spiritual side, he also is a firm believer in helping people find their way to making good choices. Watch this video on Youtube.


The minister has a strong background in the field. He ended up graduating from a ministry program in Tulsa and has a degree in communications from a college in St. Paul, MN. He has also been given two different doctoral degrees in an honorary fashion due to his continued contribution to the church and overall community. Outside of his obligations to the church, he is also married and has three children, all of whom are members and big parts of the church family.

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