How Tony Petrello Rose From A Humble Background To Greatness

Although Tony Petrello is not a famous figure, he is actually an important person in America. He represents people who are neither thanked nor recognized despite helping many Americans improve their way of life. Would you want to know more about this person? If yes, this is the right article for you; continue reading!

You know what? Sometimes back, Tony Petrello was one of the most highly paid CEOs in America. In the year 2014, he received about $68.2 million while working for Nabors industries, a famous oil as well as natural gas drilling company. This kind of achievement can inspire both envy and admiration. Close allies of Petrello will tell you that he deserves this kind of pay. He is hardworking, humble, and honest.

Tony Petrello is an intelligent manager as well as business strategist. His success mainly comes from the manner he relates to people. He believes in respect as well as fairness. His excellent managerial skills have helped in creating many jobs for Americans.

How Petrello Started
Unlike many other good leaders, Anthony Petrello did not have rich parents, a trust fund, or world-class tutors. He actually rose from a humble background to greatness. His parents lived in Newark, a place known to have a culture of good work ethics as well as honor. After graduating from high school, Tony Petrello went to Yale University to study mathematics.

Becoming a Scholar
Tony was not only talented but also hardworking student. While at Yale, his performance was spectacular. Although he faced cut-throat competition from some of the best students in the world, his performance proved that he was actually a genius. At some point, he decided to change his career path and proceeded to Harvard Law School.

Life after School
After spending 20 years studying, Petrello decided to pursue other interests. He got married to his college girlfriend immediately after his graduation. He pursued various jobs before landing a prestigious job at Nabors Industries. He became the CEO of the company after about thirty years and later emerged as one of the most talented business leaders in the United States.

Unlike many other wealthy individuals, Petrello gives back to the society that offered him with opportunities. He donates millions of dollars to the needy people and charities every year. His leadership has created several job opportunities for the Americans. Nabors Industries owns about 1,050 rigs, which provide well-paying jobs to more than 100,000 workers. Tony Petrello’s achievements demonstrate that overcoming overwhelming situations is easy as long as there are intelligence and strong work ethics.

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Whitney Wolfe Is A Person Of Interest On Time’s List Of Important People

Whitney Wolfe is an upcoming CEO who has garnered much success with her company Bumble. She started this online dating site in 2014 and it now one of the most profitable in its category. Forbes values this company at $1 billion dollars. The company is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Wolfe has put into this enterprise. This is one of the reasons why Time has included her on the 2018 list of Time’s Person of the Year.

Whitney Wolfe is a young and energetic woman who is heading a dynamic company that is revolutionizing the world of dating. Her company is not changing the online dating community it is also making the world better for women everywhere. Wolfe is a feminist that doesn’t reject or hate her feminine side. She embraces it while making men respect and appreciate femininity for what it is.

Bumble endorses these values. They push for gender equality and for a world where sexual exploitation is no longer accepted. Bumble is a dating app that reflects this sentiment by putting females in control of the dating scene. While men can approach a woman on Bumble they cannot make a move without her approval. It is up to the woman to decide if a particular guy is suited for her or not. She can even use the BFF feature to “friend zone” guys if things do not work out.

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Bumble also promotes their brand and philosophy with NBA franchises such as the Los Angeles Clippers. They partnered with this organization in 2018. This was done to push for gender equality within society. Bumble also supports the #MeToo Movement which stands for the same purpose.

The subject of gender equality and sexual discrimination is very important to Whitney Wolfe. She experienced a great deal of these problems when she worked for Tinder. This is another popular dating app that she helped to create. However, she left Tinder after dealing with some bad experiences with the company. She then sued the company for sexual harassment and gender discrimination won. She took her settlement money to start Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe is now getting involved within many facets of American society through her dating app. When the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings happened, she restricted most Bumble users from displaying weapons in their photos. She also supported the March for Our Lives Protest that took place in March of 2018. Wolfe’s inclusion on Time’s Person of the Year 2018 is no mistake. This lady is currently setting a new path that will influence the dating scene and feminism for many years into the future.