The Reputation and its Risks

It is commonly understood that for businesses to thrive into the future, an online presence is necessary that can promote and even protect one of the most important aspects of being constantly noticed by the public eye. This one aspect that is important to protect is the reputation which is something that can help a business thrive or make a business meet its downfall. All executives of a business understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation for the business that helps bring in not only revenue, but also customers. Businesses that have a better reputation are always perceived as being a business with a higher value to the name with better quality products and services offered. This also encourages loyalty to a business with a better reputation and ensures that a business with a better reputation than other businesses is one that will remain successful well into the future.

Despite the necessity for an excellent reputation, it has been recently found that most businesses do a poor job in maintaining a positive reputation by negating negative contents and posting up to date content of the business and of any special offers for products and services. Rather than managing a positive reputation, most companies make the mistake of battling negative content that has already been posted. This focus is not risk management, but is considered to be a crisis management issue to be addressed. Companies with this issue do well to have a plan for the future and a reputation management firm invested heavily in.

In recent news, the Status Labs reputation management firm gave free advice for preserving a positive online reputation. Though some of this advice is easy to follow, it is surprising to see how often companies neglect simple steps such as creating an online presence over social media or posting news about up and coming products. With tools to take advantage of such as SEO, businesses that use social media automatically have top ratings in comparison to companies that have no social media presence. With one quarter of the world’s population on the internet, the reputation means everything.


30 Day Trials Lead To Success With Talk Fusion


One good idea for people who are looking to push a service is to offer a 30 day trial. Talk Fusion does just that for marketers and others that are looking for a deeper connection. With the 30 day free trials, people get to try out the service for themselves. Marketers will see the effect that this product on their businesses and will want to go ahead and make the plunge so that they will see more returns on their investment. One thing that video marketing offers is the ability for marketers to get the message across in a very clear manner.

Bob Reina is the creator of Talk Fusion. He believes in his product. For one thing, his product was able to come to life because of a vision. His vision was that people will be able to overcome their obstacles and make better lives for themselves and others. This is one of the reasons that he has put together Talk Fusion. He also wants to change lives for the better. His whole purpose for starting his business was to bring about solutions to problems for people in various communities and countries. He also wants to inspire others to take their own initiative.

Bob Reina does not just want to give to charities and people that are at a disadvantage. He also wants to deepen relationships between people. For this reason, he not only creates platforms, but he also talks to people so that they can gain some special insight into their lives. He is also willing to have people get a preview of what he has to offer with Talk Fusion which is why he offers free trials. He does believe in the principle of trying before buying. He wants people to see for themselves that it is an effective product for any activity that they want.

3 Reasons You Should Not Rent Out Your Home On Airbnb

Airbnb has completely changed the way people travel. Instead of booking hotel rooms, travelers now have the ability to rent out an entire home in any location. All they have to do is log onto the Airbnb website, find a property they love, make payment and they are good to go.

This new platform has also opened a new, and very lucrative opportunity for those who own multiple properties. With the few clicks of a button homeowners are able to rent out their space and earn additional income every month. Its a win win for all involved. Or is it? Here are 3 reasons you should NOT rent out your home on Airbnb. Source:

Reason #1 – You Take On All The Risk

As the homeowner you take on all the risk. If something happens on your property, you are the one who will ultimately be held responsible. That means if illegal activity takes place on your property, the police will be knocking on your door in an effort to find out who they need to hold responsible.

You may also find yourself in the middle of a legal battle if a guest, or a friend of a guest, is injured while on your property.

Reason #2 – You Aren’t Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover short term rentals. If your home is damaged in anyway or someone gets hurt, you will be the one footing the bill.

Reason #3 – The Protection Offered By Airbnb Is Secondary Coverage

Over the years there have been quite a few serious incidents that led Airbnb to offer all hosts a $1,000,000 host guarantee. This is at no additional cost to you and it will protect your home and your stuff from accidental damage.

There is however one problem. This host guarantee can only be used after you have exhausted all other possibilities. And even in that case, it is up to Airbnb to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. So even with the host guarantee, there is a chance you may still find yourself footing the bill.

Let Richard Blair Help You

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin, Texas. As a financial advisor Blair provides unbiased advice to all of his clients. If you are thinking about renting out your home on Airbnb, speak with a qualified professional such as Richard Blair first. Doing so could save you a great deal of money and frustration.

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Search The Web With A Picture; You Can Do That Now!


Image Search It!

Have you ever wanted to search the internet with a picture to find someone or something? Well these days you actually can. “We have the technology” as it has been frequently said. It does seem a little weird to be able to do that though, doesn’t it? Who would have thought we would be able to do that in our lifetime. Unless you were born after the year 2000, then this kind of stuff is like that of space dramas. Heck we have tablets and phones that are basically just miniature computers. How does image searching work though? And what are a few of the popular companies that do it? Well we’ll get to that.


One of the biggest companies that makes and contracts out the technology that allows for image recognition is Slyce. Slyce developed a universal scanner, which is boasted to be the most accurate image recognition tech in today’s world. This technology for visual search is said to take the best from its competitors and make it better. Slyce and their competitors offer customers the best way to give people visual or image searches from just about any device. How does it work exactly?

Visual Search

Do you know what pixels are? Okay how about something simpler, colors and shapes. Once you put an image in and search with it, this technology searches the web for similar or exact image matches. A better question is what people would use this for. Well, why not everything? If someone sees an in store item that they want, they can simply take a picture of it, and then get exact matches of it online with prices from various websites. That is amazing, right? What if you talked to someone at a party, but forgot to catch their name or forgot it? If you have their picture somehow, then all you have to do is search it online with a visual search.

Still In The Works

This kind of technology has not stopped in development by a long shot. Already it it possible to search more than just simple pictures. You can even search bar codes and 2D images like old photos on the internet now. Though the search already covers style, color, patterns and unique features in each picture, companies like Slyce are working hard to streamline these searches even more. You can bet that in ten years, this will be a common way to search the internet for what you want to find.

Lovaganza Announcement Brings Together People from All Cultures

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit organization that is nearing its official launch date and is interested in using the entertainment industry to bring together people from all walks of life and all cultures and nationalities. The organization’s mission is to inspire and connect people from around the globe and to showcase the beauty of many different ways of life. The newest Lovaganza Foundation announcement on includes new information about the Lovaganza 2020 international celebration event.

What is the Lovaganza 2020 International Celebration Event?
The Lovaganza 2020 International Celebration Event is going to take place in 2020 (although originally scheduled to debut in 2015) and will use a variety of new technologies to create a “World’s Fair” type of celebration in many locations around the globe. The current locations include cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Oceania areas.

This celebration event is going to include films, various glasses-free 3D entertainment events, exhibitions, attractions and even live events. The theme for the Lovaganza 2020 International Event is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world” and participants will be able to fully embrace the multi-national experience while meeting new people and learning more about other peoples from around the world.

Will there be anything leading up to the Lovaganza 2020 International Celebration Event?
Yes, there will be a Traveling Show that will bring the mission statement and the current goals of the Lovaganza Foundation to people throughout 2017 leading up to the Lovaganza 2020 International Celebration Event. This Traveling Show will showcase “cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experiences” according to the Lovagnza Foundation via PR Newswire that will allow participants to experience other cultures and learn more about the unique qualities of other peoples as well as embrace the universal qualities that connect us all.

A film trilogy will also be screened before the Lovaganza 2020 event and shooting has already begun. These three films will include shooting locations in France, the United States, Africa, India, Spain, and many other countries around the globe.

How do I get involved?
To get involved with the Lovaganza Foundation and to help the foundation prepare for their upcoming events, please visit the Lovaganza Foundation’s official site. The foundation will be looking for volunteers to assist in the 2017 Traveling Show as well as the incredible international event in 2020.

For more information on the the Lovaganza Foundation or to learn more about the international celebration event in 2020, please visit the official Lovaganza Foundation website.

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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Are you in need of online reputation management? Do you want to find a good company to handle your online reputation management for you? Perhaps you are already aware that Fix Search Results is a highly reliable company in the remove negative search results industry.

The Internet has challenged many things and how people make purchases. It also has a huge impact on personal and private identities, as well as company brands. People go online first, before they decide who they want to deal with or buy from. Because of this it is imperative that business owners and service providers take measures to establish a great reputation. People will not want to associate with a company or professional who has a negative online reputation.

Because people tend to believe what they read online most businesses these days choose to hire a professional reputation management firm to monitor their reputation and address any issues promptly. That way, they can just focus on their projects or running their business, and not worry about their reputation.

An increasingly open profile and visibility online leave you vulnerable to threats or scathing attacks from rivals and competitors. To guard against these undesirable occurrences, you need to utilize the services of a reliable reputation management firm.

At Fix Search Results, the reputation management professionals protect your image and identity from any threats or attacks. Their service has helped numerous clients position themselves for success, and they can help you, too. As a client, they will design a customized reputation management solution for your needs.

The social media is a great platform to rebuild a company’s or personal reputation and the team at Fix Search Results uses this excellent resource and many other reliable sources to reestablish their clients’ reputation online and increase their visibility.

Norka Luque and her Fate in Latin Music

Norka Luque came from a very blessed family that is full of experiences other cultures, other languages as well as other life lessons that led him to understand that his destiny was music and music alone. She said that when she was in the country to present her showcase. The US-based Venezuelan singer burst onto the music scene with the ultimate support of Emilio Estefan. He is a music producer who prepared his songs. He presented his album, the Miracle that sounds like the Latino radio station in Venezuela. For this album, Estefan brought together a team of his leading producers like the Ricardo brothers and Archie Pena as well as Alberto Gutian, who took care of the sauce arrangements. Infusion of rhythm, rock, tropical, ballads, it took us too much time to arrive at the genre of the music.

Since childhood, Norka Luque loved singing and has participated in various competitions. She traveled to France after high school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration but in parallel, she continued to peruse her dream. She remembers that every time her mind switched to music, she could look for something that could make her feel in the musical world for a moment. She decided to join a band by the name Bad Moon Rising, rock and funk, which made her appear on numerous platforms and helped her learn to sing as a soloist. When she returned to the United States, she embarked on singing lessons in the art studio that shared the fashion and culinary arts.

Norka “Como Lo Haces Tu” from Kenneth Alvarez / KAVE DIGITAL on Vimeo.

Ever since then she has been having good memories of everything that happen to her especially when she met Emilio Estefan. I had no idea that everything would be better when I met him. She had to gather my courage and walk straight into him and tell him that music was her everything. I showed her the evidence that this is what I wanted to do all my life. Emilio listened carefully to the music and said that she had the potential to make a world class artist from that very moment they started working hard together he taught Norka something new every time they were together singing and practicing. This made Norka feel like she had come closer to her dreams now more than ever before. Norka listens to the every wish of her fans and she wants to produce inspiring music that only has hope as its message. Find her on Facebook to learn more and hear more of her music.

Conditioning Fine Hair

Conditioning fine hair is a good thing to do if you want your hair to get thick and look good. You may be looking into different hair care products in order to find the right one, but WEN hair by Chaz may be just what you are looking for.

How Conditioning Helps

There are several ways conditioning fine hair is going to help your hair to look better. The biggest is that it fills in the gaps that your hair may have because it’s thin and damaged. These gaps are hard to take care of once they get too big, but if you are able to add conditioner to your hair care, you may be able to keep the hair looking and feeling good.

Another way that conditioning helps is to relax the hair. Your hair may have been exposed to other chemicals that are causing more damage than you realize. It stresses the hair out and can cause damage to become worse. By using a cleansing conditioner, you are taking all of the bad chemicals and additives out of your hair and putting in plumper that can help your hair to look better and thicker.

Who Needs Conditioner?

Anyone that has hair that is damaged or they want to make their hair thicker and stronger. If you are a person that styles your hair everyday with heat or chemicals, you will want to use a conditioner to help keep your hair looking nice. This is because of the damage that heat can cause the hair. You can use this cleansing conditioner if you find you have hair that has some damage in other ways or that needs to look thicker.

There are a lot of conditioning products you can get on Sephora cosmetics stores, but why look at anything other than Wen by Chaz? It has everything you need to get your hair looking good and staying that way.
There are a lot of conditioning products on the market today. Some of them claim to be great for you hair, but how to decide what one is going to be the best one for you? You try it of course.

The First Few Days

The first few days of using a new conditioner like Wen hair may seem to change nothing. You may not notice a lot of the visual level, but underneath it all there is a lot going on. The hair is slowly being rebuilt by the conditioner. It’s taking the fine parts of the hair and adding to it so that it will feel thick and awesome. You will have to wait a little longer for that to show, but it’s there.

After A Couple of Weeks

After the first few weeks, you will probably notice your hair is getting thicker and better to touch. This is good because it is showing you the extent that the hair has been rebuilt. It has been filled in underneath and now you can feel it when you touch your hair.

The Final Stages

This is where everything comes together. After about a month, the hair will continue to feel thick and will be easy to style. You may notice your hair is looking healthy as well. This is a great side affect of the conditioner. After this the damage will be repaired and you can start over with great looking and feeling hair.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to hair care, but you have to try them to see what one is going to be the best fit for you. Sometimes, you will find several you like, but you have to pick one to help repair your hair. Wen hair by Chaz is a great one to try and see what happens. Buy it online on Amazon today.


The Work Of Richard Blair


It seems like a lot of individuals are renting out their homes on Airbnb to make some extra money. It may look like a quick way to put some extra money in your pocket but, it also come with some underlying risks. Damages that are left behind by some renters, may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurances. This can leave you with a whole heap of new problems. Like spending more to repair the damages, than what was made on the rental.

There are a number of thing to consider before renting your home. Do you know that you are responsible for any injuries the renter may incur. Also, if any damages occur to your neighbor property? If you are planning to take out home insurance insurance, be sure to read the “fine” print very carefully, most doesn’t not cover short term contracts. Airbnb, does offer secondary coverage, which means you have to uses up all money trying to get things fix, before you see any help from them.

The recommendations are, that if one is planning to go the Airbnd route, you must discuss the matter with an insurance specialist. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc can offer advice to tailor you needs, on the best route to take . He has twenty two years in the securities industry. His company deals with financial planning and advisory services. They have helped individuals reach their financial goals. Before making a professional portfolio for clients who have a great deal of wealth, an in depth research is done. The clients are made to understand their financial situation by offering them creative alternatives, that will deliver the best results.

Wealth Solutions, Inc which is located in Austin, Texas also deals in estate tax, asset protection, retirement planning, insurance and so much more. The company currently has $15 million in assets. Richard Blair, the company’s founder has devoted himself to all the different aspects of financial and invest planning. This way he can keep his clients on the right path. He began helping others realize their financial vision, while he attended college and that has what had propelled him to enter the arena of financial services.

Blair let clients know that retirement planning is best when started very early. Whether the clients have 401(K), mutual fund, or IRA investment, he will help build, invest and manage their wealth, so they can live off their returns when that time comes. His ultimate goal is to let his clients have a successful and rich retirement.

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Mary Pirello Appointed President of TMBA

Mary Pirello recently became President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). Pirello began her term on May 3, 2016 and will be serving until May 2017.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Pirello has over 20 years of leadership and business development experience. At NexBank, Pirello assumed the position of Senior Vice President for several years. As Vice President, she was in charge of the National Warehouse Lending division. More specifically, she specialized in creating productive relationships with the client or corporation. She also has experience from participating on the board at the TMBA. She is also a member of the National Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Furthermore, she was given the distinction of a Future Leader award from TMBA in 2010.

NexBank is a regional bank, which was originally founded in 1922. NexBank is part of the parent company NexBank Capital, Inc, which serves clients in three core divisions: Commercial, Mortgage, and Investment Banking. It serves a variety of clients and businesses from investors to large scale corporations.

NexBank is committed to its clients and customers. NexBank offers custom solutions to high tailored professionals. NexBank has a proven record of success in the banking industry. In addition to its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, NexBank has various locations throughout the city of Dallas.