Paul Mampilly: Make Investments in Medicine

Paul Mampilly is an American finance executive who is famous because of his achievements. At the moment, the renowned businessman is working as the top editor of a very respected newsletter that is known as Profit Unlimited. Paul Mampilly started this venture after working in the American corporate for several decades. When starting the newsletter, the businessman wanted to offer investors in the ordinary class the investment advice required so that they could navigate the complicated market and end up with great results. Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publication so that he could newsletter could be published and shared by many people in the country. Several years later, the respected finance leader has all the reasons to smile. This is because he is currently considered to be among the most successful individuals in the finance department. Learn more about Paul on

Although the newsletter from Paul and his team has only been in the American market for a very short time, it is getting subscriptions from members who come from all parts of the world. At the moment, the businessman says that the newsletter has more than sixty thousand consumers who rely on its advice. The people who have been relying on the advice given by Paul Mampilly and his newsletter have all the wealth they are looking for. Using the expert shared by the businessman, these consumers have been getting very good profits from their shares in the market. Paul takes his time to study the market before sharing any information in his platform, and this is why his advice has been working perfectly.


This year, many people have been looking up to the advice form Profits Unlimited so that they can know the right direction they can use before they can make their investments. Paul and his team in the company have finally shared the information people have been waiting for. According to Paul, the medical department will be the perfect market for the people who want to earn great profits. The businessman believes that the most influential and most significant investment is about to be made in the medical industry. Scientists have invested heavily in companies that manufacture drugs to cure various types of diseases. Investors who want to make money should start looking for the right medical companies so that they can be assured of great investments at the end of the year. Some of the companies that perform well are already very popular in the market, and this means that it is very easy to locate them. Visit the website to learn more.

Barbara Stokes and GSH Build State-of-the-Art Modular Homes and Structures

With her husband Scott, Barbara Stokes co-founded Green Structured Homes (GSH) in 2006. The company came into being with Barbara and Scott’s vision of providing shelter for natural disaster victims. Based in Alabama, GSH offers state-of-the-art services in the way of independent engineering and overall planning, installation and inspection of residential and commercial buildings.

Barbara Stokes comes to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Green Structured Homes with a wealth of education and skills. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree from Mercer University (1996 – 2000). Barbara also studied other subjects of interest such as technical communications, and manufacturing and management. With Scott as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the rest of the skilled staff at GSH, the company brings over thirty years of combined experience to the job of providing turnkey building projects to their clients throughout North America.

The skill and experience behind what Barbara Stokes has accomplished at Green Structured Homes speaks for itself. GSH has designed and built hundreds of structures to support the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in their work with natural disaster victims. For Mississippi State University, GSH completed a turn-key project of installing modular structures. The project included land planning to assure best use and design. Working with the U.S. Navy, GSH built Underwriter Laboratories (UL) – Rated Level 8 bullet resistant modular guard shacks.


Barbara and her team bring the skills to the table to provide best-of-breed solutions to all the projects that GSH undertakes. Their civil and structural engineering services are designed to meet the most rigorous state and federal standards in the construction industry. Designs are formulated using the latest in technology, including 3D computer renderings. From start to finish, the projects managed by GSH are an example of the pursuit of perfection. This includes complete on-site coordination utilizing the latest in Information Technology Support and Logistics Modernization Support. Read this article at

Working with leading-edge technology and procedures, Green Structured Homes provides for fast modular structure implementations that are strong, safe and customizable. Read more about Barbara Stokes at